Welcome to Stoneset Farm

Seedling Sales

We are open for seedling sales and will be open Wednesdays 10-2, and Saturdays 9-5. We will also be open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. We will be at the Stonington Farmers’ Market on Fridays this spring.

Cut Flowers

We’ll be growing some cut flowers this year and haven’t quite figured out how they’re going to make it to you. Perhaps a bucket-of-blooms CSA where subscribers would get, instead of an arranged bouquet, a mass of blooms to put together as they like. Think masses of zinnias across the color and texture spectrum, snapdragons of many colors, sweet peas spicing everything up. There are a lot of dahlias going into the ground here, so probably a dahlia CSA in the future…. However it shakes out, there will definitely be buckets of blooms here wanting to get to you, so stay tuned.