Seedling Sale Days are here!

We are open for seedling sales at the farm Wednesdays 10-2 & Saturdays 9-5 as well as 9-5 on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. If you’re looking for plants outside of those hours, lucky for you Mainescape carries the largest selection of our plants off the farm – thank you Althea! and you can also find them at the Blue Hill Wine Shop at the start of the season as well as the Surry General Store. You can also come to the farm by arrangement. We plan on having a succession of seedlings for you through the end of July (maybe even longer), which will dovetail well with our cut-flower aspirations and our pasture-raised heritage pork back from butcher for 2018.

So yes, plan on more rounds of lettuce and choi and tempting biennials and perennials for your flower gardens too.

For your perusal here are the lists of veggies, herbs, and flowers that have been, or will be, started this season:

Using sustainable methods and organic potting soil, we grow robust, bee-friendly vegetable seedlings as well as annual, biennial, and perennial flower starts. Some people ask why we aren’t certified organic, and the answer really can be distilled down on the fact that (in her own words) paperwork is not one of Clara’s strongest points at this moment in time, and there’s a fair amount of paperwork to maintain certification.

We always like to know what varieties worked well in your gardens and what additional plants and varieties you’d like for us to grow, and love it when you remind us again in January.

Please remember when you come to the farm that the fences are electric (don’t touch!) and the children are free-range (drive slowly and with caution). We’re just now putting in a parking area at the bottom of the drive, so if you’re limber please consider parking there and walking up.