We keep a registered drove of American Guinea hogs, a heritage breed that is prized for its thriftiness, hardiness, marbeled meat, and high quality fat. They are a good fit for our small farm’s rocky soils, and have been a big help in preparing gardens and providing fertility. A traditional lard breed, are were valued by homesteaders for their ability to forage and survive on very little.

Though they grow slowly and to smaller size, these swine are a great choice for homesteads and small farms as an added source of work (they are excellent rooters), fertility, and food. For butchers and bakers (and probably candlestick makers too), they have an extremely high quality fat that makes the meat sought after for charcuterie and baking. We feed our swine mostly grass, either from pasture in the winter or hay in the summer, along with a small supplement of high-quality grain purchased in bulk through a local grange hall.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing piglets, shoats, or breeding stock.