Stoneset Farm is the home to Clara, Nathan, Eleanor, Magpie, and Matthias Rutenbeck, a place where we live and farm and laugh and grow together.

Born and raised in Brooklin, Clara has been growing plants and caring for animals since she was small. The pull to grow things continues to have ahold of her, as evidenced by the thousands of seedlings she starts every spring, the flowers that appear in her wake, and the goats and other animals that follow her around the farm. Clara’s time at College of the Atlantic helped to articulate how she thinks about the ways in which humans and place shape each other, and after college she returned to her home to put that knowledge to use crafting a life here at Stoneset Farm.

Currently the kiddos are ages eleven, nine, and almost five, though now the years seem to be speeding up at an unfathomable rate and before we know it they will be up and off on their own adventures. They are starting to help with animal and garden chores more now that they’re bigger, and can often be found helping in the greenhouse with seedlings. Of course everyone loves to harvest vegetables and from the garden, even if they don’t quite like to eat them, and they are forever bringing in bouquets of both wild and cultivated flowers and offering them to us and each other.